Needs-based Technology

Assessment, recommendations, and integrations.

The best design becomes frustrating if your technology can’t experess it to the audience. And the best technology is useless if it can’t implement your persuasive design.

Our persuasive technology experts will assess your current technology landscape in light of our persuasive program design. If it’s a fit, we will help your technologists implement the design. If not, we work with the best technology providers with systems built for your situation.

Impementation Assistance

Whether it’s your current technology or something new, we will provide ample implementation assistance.

  1. Resource planning for your technology team
  2. Well-documented APIs
  3. Mobile SDKs
  4. Expert integration assistance for SFDC
  5. Experts on our partner platform operations for short or long-term operational support

Technology Matched to Design

Unlike many firms who design solutions to fit their technology, we continously explore the best backend engines and platforms, allowing us to recommend a tech stack perfect for the design.

Requirements for our technology partners include:

  1. Well-documented APIs.
  2. Ability to create proofs-of-concept.
  3. Scalability in both price and performance.
  4. Top-shelf security.
  5. Internationalization and localization.
  6. Financial stability.
  7. Great support and service.
  8. Pleasure to work with.

In other words, our partners' standards must be at least as high as yours and ours.