Persuasive Mindset Lab

We can help value your business and prepare it for sale.

Why keep paying a persuasive design consultant when you can shift your thinking to the persuasion mindset?

Organizations who’ve experienced the Persuasive Mindset Lab™ become natural persuasion thinkers. Everything e-mails to conversations become easier and more productive. Soon, your default designs of emails, social posts, and rules become more persuasive by default.

Here’s what’s included the Persuasive Mindset Lab

  • A series of three, simple and fun pre-lab assignments
  • Two half-day, immersive, live sessions
  • A post-lab report that captures your mindset shift
  • Perpetual access to your secure lab report

Build Internal Advocates

Five years after their first lab, a customer planned a second. Someone suggested saving money on the next lab by reducing the participant count from 25, which is standard, to just five or six. The executive sponsor shot that down quickly:

“Are you kidding? The first lab saved us a fortune in time and money because it produced 25 internal advocates from every department. Without all those people being involved, we would have needed a six-month change management campaign just to get our own people onboard. If anything, we should add people to the lab.”

When your team leaves the lab to execute the new approach, they will leave with a strong sense of ownership. And a thorough understanding of the intent. You won’t need to engage your change management consultants—you’ll have your own. And nothing sells like entusiasm.