We will assess your current situation, categorize your activities, and score each major category for persuasivness.

You’ve been operating the same program for years. You’re pretty confident of two things:

  1. People seem to like it.
  2. It could probably be more effective.

The trouble is, how do you know? How do you know whether your program is among the best or if it’s an also-ran? How do you know the program’s ROI? How do you even measure the ROI of a program like yours?

We Can Tell You How Your Program Is Working

A program health assessment from The Hennessy Group will answer your lingering questions:

  1. What is the program’s overall ROI?
  2. Which aspects of the program are most effective?
  3. Is my segmentation working for me?
  4. What am I leaving on the table?
  5. How does my program compare to others?
  6. Should I be looking to other industries for ideas?

That’s the benefit of working with an experienced partner who’s worked in many industries, from airlines to hotels, retail to automotive, pharmaceutical to manufacturing of every kind. We can see how your efforts stack up, not just against competitors, but against programs across the broad economy.

Persuasion Audit

Does your conversion process, drip campaign, or chatbot work as well as it could? Does it even work as well as you’d like?

When we apply persuasive design to your conversion process, we will get at least a 10 percent, guaranteed1.

  1. If, after 90 days your conversions have not increased by 10 percent, you pay nothing but actual costs for time and material. ↩︎