The Hennessy Group

We design for persuasion to make the good choice easy.

We make your business more persuasive

Our consultants and practitioners have added the touch of persuasion to communications, loyalty marketing, and sales incentives for some of the most successful brands in business. Unlike some companies, we also execute our designs, measure results, and adjust. Imagine hitting or exceding your target every time.

Our Services

Persuasive Technology

The best design becomes frustrating if your technology can’t experess it to the audience. And the best technology...

Persuasive Mindset Lab

Why keep paying a persuasive design consultant when you can shift your thinking to the persuasion mindset?


Persusion Therapy

Persuasion is not about manipulation or tricking people into doing what you. It’s helping them get what they want,...

Loyalty Advisory

True Loyalty means retaining your best customers by building resistence to competitive offers.

While a loyalty program...

Assessments and Audits

You’ve been operating the same program for years. You’re pretty confident of two things:

  1. People seem to...


Gamification is enjoying its second wind. We’ve been studying and applying gamification since before its first...

Our Difference

Our work doesn’t end with a binder and a PowerPoint deck. That’s where our work begins. We execute our plans, measure, and adjust to make you successful.

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